Yes, Black Lives Do Matter, And If You’re Black, They Should Matter To You Too

photo-1446421053596-b6801571b8bc(Disclaimer: This article is not racist. The author is not racist. I apologize if the article offends you, but if it does, please listen to the content and don’t look at the skin color of the author.)

I really don’t want to see black people disadvantaged. I don’t want to see anyone disadvantaged. I want to help you! But I can’t help you if you’re not going to help yourself.

I don’t know when the idea of ‘white privilege’ came into play. Myself, I’m white and a working-class guy. I make pretty good money and live in a decent house; not rich, but not poor. I don’t apologize for my doing well–that’s how I grew up, and I couldn’t help it.

As a middle-class white person, I can’t really relate to your culture. I’ve only visited inner-city neighborhoods during church outreach events or when I was driving through for work reasons. I’ve seen what you’re going through first-hand, but I can’t really relate. I didn’t grow up African-American, so I really don’t know what it’s like. You need to know, though, that I am not the oppressor. I am not the problem.

You have to pull yourself together. I’ve been poor before, well under poverty level, after the 9/11 IT crash, where I had to work terrible jobs because they were all I could find. We had to live with family members as newlyweds because we couldn’t make enough money to live on our own. It’s embarrassing. I have fallen apart before emotionally (a complete mental breakdown), and had to make the decision to pull myself out of it, with help from friends and family. If you’re poor and disadvantaged, do the same. Pull yourself together and do something about it.

The way you help yourselves is to:

  1. Stop voting for Democrats. There is enough money in the system to eliminate poverty entirely. But Democrats will only string you along so you remain poor. They want you to remain poor and disadvantaged so when four years roll around, you will vote for them again when they promise you free stuff. Then they will give you just enough welfare to live off of.Note that Republicans often aren’t better. Donald Trump is the exception. And he’s not racist. He wants ALL Americans to succeed and be rich, through determination and hard work.Also, Democrats are pro-immigration, which makes it difficult for you to:
  2. Get a job. Look, the United States is the Land of Opportunity. Always has been, always will be. But the only way you are going to better yourself and your family is to work hard and save money. If you see white people, Indian people, Asian people, and the other races doing well, it’s because they are doing the same things you’re not doing right now. If you need help finding a job, take advantage of your state’s resources (such as the Department of Labor). They will find you a job. If it’s not the best job, work it anyway. Start from the bottom and work upwards.
  3. Get off government assistance as soon as you can afford it. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, but when you take money out of the system that you don’t need, the government can’t help other people, or if they try, it makes the national debt go higher and means higher taxes to the people who employ you, which trickles down and means less wage increases and more taxes for you.
  4. Refuse to feel sorry for yourself. If you’re in a bad situation, don’t blame other people. The only one who can get you out is you. Nobody is going to make you rich. Nobody is going to feel sorry for you. Snap out of it and decide right now that you are going to stop with the self-pity.
  5. Stop complaining. Other people aren’t listening.
  6. Put the protest signs down. Unless you are legitimately being discriminated against, according to the law and not your feelings that you should get special treatment, you need to put the signs down and get to work on time. Put in your 40 hours a week. Put in more than that. Work is good for you.
  7. Throw away music that glorifies drugs, rape, and a criminal culture. You don’t want your kids to be thugs? Don’t let them listen to music that glorifies criminals. You don’t want your kids to do illegal drugs? Don’t let them listen to music that talks about smoking weed.
  8. Seek to actively help those from your same culture. I don’t know all the social issues important to you, because I’m not a part of your culture. I am friends with black people, but they’re middle class and conservative just like me, so I can’t relate to folks ‘from the ghetto’. But you can.
  9. Stand with the police and not against them, especially when black-on-black crime is involved. Police officers have families and aren’t trying to suppress you. They’re trying to help you. Don’t focus on the skin color of the police officer. You need to do your best to stop black-on-black crime, which is the number one killer of African-Americans.
  10. Read books. Read stories of successful people of all colors and find out how they pulled themselves out of poverty.

I really do want to help you. But I can’t help you unless you’re willing to help yourself. If black lives truly matter to you, then stand up and refuse to be a victim any longer. Get a job. Work to better yourself every day. You will make a lasting impact not only on yourself, but on the culture around you.

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