White Guilt and White Privilege Is Virtue Signaling, Self-Centered, Racist, and Is Not Helping Anybody

photo-1437125827287-55d26ddee785A former cult I used to go to–it calls itself a ‘house of prayer’, but it’s a cult–is brainwashing all of its people to speak about white privilege and white guilt.

Every single one of you white people who are spreading this lie of white guilt and white privilege are racist as hell. You’re self-centered jerks who are virtue signaling. ‘Look at me! I’m not racist!’

You are not helping.

Why the hell are we not listening to the words of Martin Luther King Jr.? He had his own problems, but dammit, this is essential.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.


How many times should I say it? How many times are we going to listen to the lies of groups like Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter is racist as hell. Supporting Black Lives Matter is racist as hell. Saying Black Lives Matter is anything but a bunch of troublemaking terrorists is racist as hell.

White guilt: Racist as hell. You’re focusing on skin color. You’re continually apologizing because you feel guilty. Your feelings of guilt ARE NOT HELPING.

White guilt says, “Look at me! I’m not racist! We’re sorry! Look as us!”

You aren’t helping black people one bit.

You want to know how to help? Get the hell out of your comfortable homes, stop hanging around your racist friends, black or white, and help. Stop spreading these lies of white guilt. Saying ‘sorry’ for something that happened 100 years ago or 1,000 years ago, DOES NOT HELP, unless you are actually doing something.

There are plenty of inner city ministries you could help with. Go feed the poor and the hungry. Move out of your comfort zone. Oh, here’s an idea: realize that there are many, many poor people who are not black. White people are poor. Indians, especially (Native Americans), have been treated terribly for years. But apologizing doesn’t help. DO SOMETHING.

Stop voting for Democrats–they’re racist as hell, and Democrats only want to keep black people poor. Democrats always destroy inner cities. Detroit was destroyed by Democrats. Flint, Michigan—destroyed by Democrats. The KKK was formed by Democrats. They have always been racist. Get off the Democrat plantation.

White people: Shut the hell up with your white guilt. Stop it. Saying ‘sorry’ doesn’t help. Don’t vote for Hillary, she’s a liar. Don’t vote for third parties, you’re wasting your vote. Vote for Trump. You think he’s racist? You’re feeding on media lies. Look up Mar-a-Lago. Stop being racist yourself. Stop being stupid.

White privilege and white guilt is virtue signaling. It doesn’t help one bit. It is self-centered and a lie from the pit of hell. You want to help? Give to the poor. Stop focusing on yourself.

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