I’ve had nothing to write for the past month or so, or at least no ideas that felt worth committing to keyboard and screen. Part of it is the fact that I lost my job in November, and though I have since secured a form of employment, it hasn’t been a pleasant time. 

Normally this would be the perfect time to write, for artistry sometimes comes out of suffering in many cases, but in me, it caused the well to dry up, so to speak. I’m still not fully over the emotional rollercoaster that it’s caused, for certain dreams of mine have been crushed once again, and I don’t know what to share with you about that. 

I had plans to go back to college, and those were ruined when I lost my job. Right now I feel lost and adrift. At times I’m depressed because I need education in order to get a better job, and I can’t afford it. I need IT certifications and can’t afford those. I feel stuck, and that’s not a good feeling. 
Sorry I have nothing good to share. Perhaps that will change soon. 

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