Tithing: Does It Work? (Week 1 and 2)

Our church put its money where its metaphorical mouth is and made a money-back guarantee to the congregation: if they tithe for a certain period of time and they were not tangibly blessed, the sponsor would pay them back 100%. I thought this a bold move.

The idea of giving a tenth of one’s income to the church is a controversial one. I’ll let you study it yourself. My family has gone back and forth on it, but we decided this time that we would start back again and never stop. I decided to chronicle what happened so I could tell people, ‘hey, this works’ or not. 

Week 1: 

I asked our pastor for help and he diagnosed the exact problem I’ve been having: I’m in the middle of a mid-life crisis. That clicked with me. He is putting me in touch with resources and people who can help lead me through this.  I was able to be brave and meet with my pastor, despite my fear from previous encounters with leadership at other churches. 

An audiobook version of The Anglican Way came out. I own the Kindle version and had read half of it off and on. I started listening again, but wasn’t able to stick with it. 

Week 2: 

For ‘some reason’, I’ve had this very strong desire to pray the morning and evening offices, using this site, during my morning and evening commute, and sometimes this site before bed. I wanted to do this before, but I couldn’t get up the energy to do it. 

During my morning and evening commutes, I was able to also listen to quite a bit of The Anglican Way. I went from less than half done to 100% done within a few days. This is remarkable, because reading or listening to nonfiction is sometimes difficult for me. 

I got a speeding ticket, which could have been a disaster with points and an insurance hit. But when I told the police officer I thought it was a 45mph zone, he told me he believed me, because it was a common misconception (it’s actually 35mph), so instead of writing 50, he wrote 49, which he said shouldn’t impact insurance or add points to my license. 

There was also men’s breakfast at my church, which I had only gone to once before because it’s at 8AM on Saturdays and my weekend World of Warcraft raid night ends at midnight Friday night. But I wanted to go, and I woke up feeling pretty good despite the fact that it was 7:15 on a Saturday and I ‘should’ be sleeping until 10. I went, and felt a lot less awkward than before. The fact that I wanted to go was remarkable. 

So over two weeks, my heart has been connected with my faith and my church much more. It’s interesting how when you engage with God through finances, how good things happen. I have more to report from today, so I will mention that in the next post. 

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