something’s wrong

[looks around] Why do I feel bad? What’s wrong with me?

something’s wrong – something’s wrong – something’s wrong

Ugh, what is this?

all your failures – all your failures – all your failures in sequential order


failures – failures – failures

Wait. [checks pockets]

doom – doom – it’s over – this is the end

Crap, I forgot to take my meds.

failure – doom – something’s wrong – something’s wr… [silence]

That’s a little better.

Rooting For The Home Team (How I Talked Myself Out of Schizophrenia)

photo-1417716226287-2f8cd2e80274Note: This article is about mental health. I am not a doctor. Anything you will read here is from my personal experience as an ex-crazy and should not be taken as a recommendation. I urge you to seek a medical doctor if you are dealing with similar symptoms. 

Note #2: I am not saying that I overcame this by myself–certainly this was done by God’s grace!–but I decided to leave the article’s title stand, as it’s rather eye-catching.

Someone thought a Twitter observation I made earlier today was good. Since I agree, I’ll re-post it here:

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For the longest time I wondered why I heard voices in my head, telling me to do weird things–nothing harmful, but strange. I did have the desire to kill myself for a long time, a desire that mostly disappeared back in 2007 at a church revival. But I would hear things in my head, grandiose ideas like forming a company or a church or whatever, and even though I was nearly too loopy to remain employable, period, I thought it was the voice of God, or (the discouraging voices) the voice of Satan, and so I was an utterly miserable person. Continue reading “Rooting For The Home Team (How I Talked Myself Out of Schizophrenia)”