President Trump: The Winners and Losers

Perhaps someday I’ll be more nonpartisan, a little more detached during election seasons.

But not today.


This is a day for rejoicing, a day for singing happy songs, for many. But many are crying today:

  • The mass media: because they have been caught lying, loudly, and repeatedly. They have suddenly discovered that they have no friends and are wondering what to do now.
  • The Republican and Democratic establishments: for lying to the people and trying to get their same-ol’, same-ol’ milquetoast candidates and policies down the throats of Americans.
  • The Clinton camp, for its inexcusable moral failures in (at times literally) propping up a candidate who was utterly evil and despicable to the core.
  • Celebrities, because they’re isolated from reality in their little popularity bubbles, and though they may sometimes play intelligent characters on screen, many of them are stupid to the core.
  • Liberal progressives, because they have been attempting to destroy this country through unmaintainable, dumb ideas like open borders (suicide) and abortion on demand (genocide).
  • Liberal Christians, because they failed to listen to reason, to look for the important issues, to move beyond their little near-secular popularity cliques.
  • President Obama, who has worked to destroy the United States for eight long years, at times systematically, with Saul Alinsky tactics, but most often through virtue signaling, bumbling, and kissing the feet of Islamic hegemony.

Many groups lost big. But some won big, or should I say ‘big league’?

  • Non-liberal Christians. Repealing the Johnson Amendment can end religious persecution through the IRS. Stopping the Syrian ‘refugee’ program means less Sharia-observant individuals coming to the United States (people who have not made a commitment to blend into Western culture and thus not kill Christians).
  • Gays and lesbians. While I disagree with their lifestyle, I am also on the same side when it comes to importing Islamic ‘refugees’: if they come from Sharia-law-practicing countries, they want to kill both of us. So we have common ground there.
  • Middle class workers. Tax cuts have a huge impact. Keeping businesses here in the United States will keep jobs here. Stopping non-citizens from crossing the border will make minimum-wage jobs available to United States citizens.
  • The losers that I mentioned before–because by electing President Trump, we intend to Make America Great Again For Everybody.

Christian Genocide: This Must End.

I can't find the source for this image. If it belongs to you, please let me know.I read this article today and it tore me up. I’m alternately infuriated at our government and devastated for our Christian brethren, who our government has thrown to the wolves. This isn’t going to be a well-written piece, because I’m angry as hell and I don’t know what to do about it.

One of the appalling aspects of ISIS’s deliberate, open targeting of Christians for destruction is how little resistance it has received from local Sunni populations. As Raymond Ibrahim from the David Horowitz Freedom Center has scrupulously documented, the local Sunnis have not stood up for their Christian neighbors, who have lived side-by-side with them for hundreds of years. Rather, in areas that have been conquered by ISIS, the local Sunnis have collaborated with their genocidal masters in raping and murdering Christian neighbors, plundering their property, destroying their churches, and driving them from their ancestral homes.

Although precise data is hard to come by, it is clear that thousands of Christians have been slaughtered. Thousands of Christian women and girls have been sold as sex slaves in ISIS slave markets, subjected to continuous, violent rape and beatings. Nuns and priests have been enslaved, crucified, mutilated, kidnapped and held for ransom, as have lay members of Christian communities. Christians have been burned alive.

Is the current administration doing anything about it? No. Of course not.

Beyond refusing to take the necessary steps to ensure that persecuted Christians are rescued from annihilation, the State Department has been rejecting visa requests from Christian activists and leaders from persecuted communities to visit the US to share information about their suffering with the American public. This, at the same time that the administration has welcomed Muslim jihad sympathizers, including Muslim Brotherhood members, to Washington.

What accounts for this behavior? The answer is not ignorance, but ideologically- motivated bigotry. The Aid to the Church in Need organization explained in its 2015 report on Christian persecution, “Christians have been targeted [because]… Christianity [is seen] as a foreign ‘colonial’ import. Christians are seen as linked to the West, which is perceived as corrupt and exploitative.”

In another report, the group explained that the Western media has avoided covering the story of the Islamic genocide of Middle East Christians because of “misplaced embarrassment about the 19th-century colonial powers evangelizing ‘the natives’ in far flung places.”

In other words, Middle Eastern Christians, whose communities predate Islam, are targeted because they are perceived as Western implants.And the West ignores their suffering, because the Left in the West perceives them as Western implants.

In both cases, prejudices, rooted on the one hand in jihadist Islam, and on the other hand in Western self-hatred and post-colonialism, reach the same bigoted conclusion: the only “authentic” people in the Middle East are Muslims.

Everybody else is a colonial implant. And as such, they deserve what they get.

Donald Trump is the only one speaking up for Christians right now who has the guts to do something about it.

Too many Christians want a nice, polished, Christian-looking president. They hold Cruz up as the ideal gentleman. Well, sorry, that gentleman will easily lose to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary will do what she did to our men in Benghazi–ignore them until they die, because of political correctness. And Hillary will continue to ignore the massacre of Christians, to appease the far Left. She’ll probably continue to say that it’s their fault.

This has to stop now. We need a man in office who has the guts to do what needs to be done. We need Donald Trump.

Trump Supporters Are The Strongest

donald-trump-mug_5fea106e0eb494469a75e60d8f2b18ea.nbcnews-fp-320-320Ever since I went to my first Trump rally, I have noticed quite a few things about Trump supporters:

  1. Trump supporters are the nicest. They’re not racist, and neither is the candidate. Like our candidate, we are frequently called racist, bigots, Nazis, anti-women, misogynist, homophobic, and worse. It’s never been true, but ignorant, unthinking, bigoted, and racist individuals blindly follow the rhetoric and repeat it like a parrot.
  2. Trump supporters have the highest energy. This is because we don’t have fear. Other Republican candidates, the rallies are low-energy and dull. You rarely see people smile at Cruz or Kasich rallies.
  3. Trump supporters have controlled anger. Many of us have lost jobs or lost wages because of bad policies of the current administration, uncontrolled migration (both legal and illegal), and the corrupt establishment who only care about making more money and don’t care about the working class.
  4. Trump supporters are strong because they have to fight against the liberal media, conservative media, brainwashed Evangelicals, paid (and often violent) protesters, and both the Republican and Democrat establishments. We are besieged on all sides, but we use absorb that energy, just like our candidate, and use it to strengthen our inner resolve. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.
  5. Trump supporters resist violent protesters with nonviolence. There are a few isolated cases of Trump supporters committing violence, but these cases are few and the media coverage around them is overblown. The mantra is constantly repeated, ‘Trump encourages violence’, though it has no justification.
  6. Trump supporters think for themselves. We refuse to follow the teachings of churches whose leaders have already picked their candidate and spew proclamations that Ted Cruz is ‘The Anointed of God’, even though he is a compulsive liar, and most likely a serial adulterer, involved in vote-stealing across the country. His ties to Goldman-Sachs and control by special interest groups are ignored because his followers have already been told what to think, so they continue in their blind, ignorant, hopeless hero worship.
  7. Trump supporters become better people. Trump inspires us to want to do better for ourselves, our families, and our countries. I know plenty of cases where individuals have given up drugs or video game addiction, began to exercise, and broken free of the control of liberal and establishment mindsets.
  8. Trump supporters are the most patriotic. They want to make America great again, just as it was in the Reagan era and in the best eras this country had seen, where nationalism was at all-time highs and people loved their country.
  9. Trump supporters are hard workers and often entrepreneurs. We seek to better ourselves not through government handouts, but by working with our hands.
  10. Trump supporters look to improve the economy, not destroy it. Democratic Socialism is Communism and would utterly destroy the country. We are not deceived by Bernie Sanders’ promises of ‘fairness’.
  11. Trump supporters are tolerant, welcoming all creeds, religions, and sexual orientations. This is because our candidate is not a religious faker. Trump is what he is. We are electing a President, not a Pope.

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Scattershot Thoughts, 3/31/2016

Still sick, worse than I was. Meds are doing their thing, so here are a few things I thought worth sharing while I recover.

Item 1: Five reasons to vote for Donald Trump (YouTube video):

a. Trump is an entrepreneur. Doesn’t believe in splitting one ‘pie’; believes in building pizza shops for unlimited pies.

b. He’s anti-establishment. MSM hates him. Corrupt gov’t hates him. Lobbyists hate him.

c. He’s anti-immigration. (Disproportionate amount of illegals commit sex crimes in the US)

d. He’s anti-jihad. (26% of U.S. Muslims think suicide bombing is OK. Europe is bowing the knee to Muslims and paying for it.)

e. He’s anti-aggrievement (no whining). We have an oversensitive, PC culture that is making us soft.

Item 2: A certain ‘Christian’ magazine did an op-ed hit piece on Christians who would dare to vote for Donald Trump. I won’t link to it here, because I don’t want them to get the advertising money, but expect a response as soon as I can get out of bed.

Item 3. Donald Trump met with the GOP today. We don’t know why, but this could be good news. There is a good discussion thread about it here on Reddit.

That’s all I can think of. Time to pass out and hopefully I will feel somewhat better in the morning.

‘Sanctified Capitalism’, Donald Trump, and How A Healthy Economy Helps American Christians Help Others

tumblr_o04s4c8Ci11sfie3io1_1280In this post I hope to explain a little bit about capitalism vs. socialism, and how capitalism, the best economic system in the world, can help more American Christians help others.

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