What are trances?

Trances (and this is a Biblical concept), are basically this: when you see things, profound things, deep things, God-things, that others do not see.

(Corporate trances are a thing, but I will mention those just in passing.)

Peter fell into a trance (Acts 10:9-16), and the Gentile world was forever brought into the family of Christ.

Paul fell into a trance (Acts 22), and it saved his life, and, in turn, through his writings, basically the entire universe was changed.

How do I fall into a trance?

That is a tricky question to answer!

The key word here is, ‘fall’.

Falling can be intentional, or unintentional.

Intentional falling can be exhilarating: see: skydiving, bungee jumping.

Unintentional falling can be deadly: see: failed skydiving, failed bungee jumping.

I can’t explain how to fall into a trance, because, to my knowledge, I have never intentionally done so.

They just happened.

Sometimes I asked for them. But I can’t remember a time where I specifically asked for a trance, and it happened right away.

Trances are powerful.

Trances are scary.

Trances are awesome.

Trances will change your life forever.

Trances will ruin your life forever.

Trances can destroy the lives of millions.

Trances can change the entire course of history.


Be very, very careful when you ask for trances.

You might just get what you are asking for.