‘…Remind Him of His Future’

'The Next Time Satan Reminds You of Your Past, Remind Him of His Future' with a big, red question mark through it“The next time the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.”

This phrase came up in my mind this morning as I was once again pondering a flashback to my past.

I get them fairly often, as I imagine others do. At least I hope it’s not just me, ha!

They’re just random glimpses of stupid stuff I have said or done in the past. The feelings (embarrassment/shame) associated with them are almost as fresh as they were back then, when I realized that I’d made a mistake.

The question is, where do such reminders come from?

Is it a foreign entity, or just something that naturally occurs in humans?

Do our brains just suddenly decide to short-circuit every now and then and present past realities as current?

Are we all a little crazy?

I don’t think addressing random perceived-demons is the answer. I think that on that edge of a map, that there be dragons…that a lot of ‘demonology’ in the Western Church is simply mental illness disguised with Biblical language to sound plausible.

But I don’t know a solution. I’d much rather not remember that dumb thing I said in an email ten years ago. I’d be willing to bet that nobody else remembered the email. So why do I?

I’m *quite* certain that the solution here, if there is one, is NOT to scream randomly at invisible gremlins, ‘You’re going to burn in hell!’ There’s far too much of that going on already; this is one of the reasons why the word ‘Charismania’ exists.

What do you think?