Reaching The Other Side of Pain With Music

Today’s song is the ever-so-smooth Gospel track, I Want My Destiny by Fred Hammond, off of one of his greatest albums, Purpose By Design.

The other day someone I follow on Twitter mentioned that music is like a drug. He dismissed it as it was like any other psychiatric medication. I disagree that it’s ‘just a drug’–but maybe that’s because I’m a ‘user’.

For many years, silence was painful for me. Without something in my ears, I was terrified that ‘demons’ would overtake my mind, and the pressure cooker would explode. Music was often a comfort, especially when I was in private and could cry as much as I needed to. There are so many comforting albums that I relied on during the hard times that it’d be hard to list them all here. The aforementioned Fred Hammond album is one–most of the songs speak directly to things I faced, and sometimes still face, in my life: the desire to see my destiny fulfilled, to have a clean, unencumbered heart–all of it.

For a while I couldn’t come back to the music that helped me get through the pain. Some music I was listening to during profound times of deception, such as during my ‘Messianic Jewish/Torah Movement’ or ‘Drunken Glory’ kicks, I would never return to–but the albums that helped me through the generally hopeless and heartbroken times, when I come back to them, sometimes they don’t hurt any more. That’s how I know I’ve grown up a bit–that God has worked in my life to heal the hurts. I’m still a work in progress–it’s an everyday thing, believe me!–but I am thankful to God that he hasn’t given up on me–and indeed, has promised never to, Phil. 1:4-6:

In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

unsplash-kitsune-4If you’re someone for whom music plays a fundamental part, and you’ve gone through a long time of healing, you might occasionally test your progress by trying some of the older music that you listened to while you were healing. If it brings back old hurts, then there’s no shame! You’re still a work in progress and it’s totally OK. If the hurt has dissipated, mark that down–God has healed you, and you’ve made progress.

Think of this as if you’ve broken your leg and someone prayed for it to be healed. Most folks praying for you will ask you to test it out. With mental and emotional healing, it’s invisible and there’s nothing to test. Results may occur right away, but you won’t know for weeks or months exactly what the impact was. Music is a quick test for that. Does it still hurt? That’s OK, just rejoice that God’s helped you make progress elsewhere and then come back to it later. You’re on your way.

Scattershot Thoughts, 3/30/2016

photo-1458640904116-093b74971de9 (1)I couldn’t sleep without writing something, but I have been sick for the past couple days and really couldn’t think of anything today. Plus, there were a couple of excellent Donald Trump events (a rally and a town hall), and and I didn’t want to miss those. MSNBC did a town hall this evening too, but they chose a rapid-fire interrogator who wouldn’t let him speak, in an effort to collect sound bites for liberal consumption tomorrow. It was terribly unprofessional, but that’s what the extreme left MSM does.

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Take Time To Recharge

photo-1413882353314-73389f63b6fdThe other night I was hyped up on election results (my candidate won big) and online discourse. Once the adrenaline died down, I was left drained, agitated, and not at peace. If you’re not at peace, you don’t have anything, so I thought about it and it came to me: where was I getting my power from?

Turns out that even an introvert can get benefit from online discussion and debate, even when I’m such an awkward wallflower in real life. The palpable energy of an online political rally 24/7 can bring you up, but you will crash eventually. There are only so many articles you can read and memes you can laugh at before you get tired.

That’s where my unlimited energy source comes in:

Christ in me, the hope of glory.

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Music Soothes Even The Savage Beast…Or Something Like That

photo-1431069931897-aa1c99a2d2fcThere is a funny introductory track to a wildly-inappropriate album I used to listen to as a teenager that ends with the phrase, ‘…lean back and just enjoy the melodies. After all, music soothes even the savage beast.’

As a highly sensitive individual (an introverted type who has much more sensitivity to certain things than others; see the book ‘Quiet‘ and the web site Quiet Revolution for more), one of my main sensitivities is to music. This has caused both great joy and great distress in my life, and in this post I hope to help you navigate through the worst and the best of what having such a thing entails.

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