Healing and Freedom

Today’s song is I Am The God That Healeth Thee by Don Moen, based on Exodus 15:26.

In a blog post earlier this year, Chuck Crisco explores Love, Demons, and Mental Illness, a great article which contains a fascinating quote:

When we read in Acts 8:7 of unclean spirits crying out, the Eastern (Aramaic) text reads: “Many who were mentally afflicted cried out”. This is because, according to George Lamsa, “”Unclean spirits” is an Aramaic term used to describe lunatics” (3). It should be noted that Lamsa was a native Aramaic speaker with a fine understanding of Aramaic terms. He grew up in a remote part of Kurdistan which had maintained the Aramaic language almost unchanged since the time of Jesus. It’s significant that Lamsa’s extensive writings indicate that he failed to see in the teachings of Jesus and Paul any support for the popular conception of the devil and demons- he insisted that the Semitic and Aramaic terms used by them have been misunderstood by Western readers and misused in order to lend support for their conceptions of a personal devil and demons.

Chuck goes on to explain that any time there is a ‘demon’ mentioned in Scripture, it’s actually mental illness at fault.

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