Life in Eden: The Book: Coming Soon!


It has been a while since I have posted new chapters of my forthcoming book, Life in Eden.

I decided to keep working on them offline.

Some of what you have seen, will remain, and be even better.

Some will be discarded.

The book is called Life in Eden, and is due to be released on Amazon on May 22.

I will post all of the information here, on that date.


Life in Eden, Part 4: The Center of Eden

time lapse photo of body of water (Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash)
Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

It takes no Time or Effort to reach the center of Eden.

(Time or Effort are imagined concepts here.)

The Center of Eden is Jesus Christ.

All flows from Him, and His nail-pierced side.

All proceeds from Him.

He is the one through whom all you see in Eden (including yourself) was created.

(If you wish to see good imagery of this, take a look at Revelation 22 in the Bible. A good rule of thumb: if you want to see timeless things, look in the front and the back of the Book. If you want to see central things, look in the Center: Christ, as revealed through the writings of Paul. The book of Colossians, with its high, concentrated Christology, is a good place to start your studies.)

Time is a fluid concept, here in Eden.

It takes no time at all to reach Eden: simply look within, and there you are: Christ within, our Eden.

If you perceive yourself as outside of Eden, it may seem to take years to reach the borders of Eden. Sometimes, the longer you spent (perceiving yourself) outside the Garden, the longer it takes for you to realize that you are already there: in Christ.

Christ is your Paradise, your Eden.

The sooner you learn to look to Eden within, the better.

You may find yourself in Eden overnight. I am certainly not your Template; go to the Maker and find your Original Design, Christ.

Listen to Spirit’s voice, and continue to follow the wind.

At last, you will find yourself in Eden, unable to leave. (But who would want to leave?)

Perhaps we will see, one day (or are already seeing), children, who are born in Eden, and find themselves always there, never leaving.

The Spirit will lead all, in time, or outside of time; it makes no difference. He can wait forever and a day, if need be.

Effort is an overrated concept. (Study and Contemplation can be of some help, if Spirit is the guide. Otherwise, you have wasted Time.)

No effort will help you here. Anything not motivated by Spirit is futility.

The motivation of Spirit is passion within: not the passion of the old nature, which no longer exists in Christ.

These are the deep, true, inner passions: that which is your utter motivation.

Your inner nature is Christ.

I cannot tell you your calling: your calling is Christ. Only Spirit can explain this to you.

I cannot inspire: only Spirit can do that.

I cannot make you dream: only Spirit can do that.

Find Christ within, find the Spirit of Christ, and you will never work a day in your life again.

Christ is the Inner Motivator.


Life in Eden, Part 3: Transitioning to Eden

woman in black long sleeve shirt standing on green grass field during daytime
Photo by serjan midili on Unsplash

When Adam was placed in the garden, he was given work to do.

When transitioning to life in Eden, you may have to re-learn ‘work’.

How does ‘work’ work in Eden, in the New Creation?

Simply put: the work is done through you. You are never left alone to your own devices.

This does not mean you are ‘possessed’, in an evil sense. (There is nothing demonic in Eden, save for that which you still carry in your understanding.)

This does not mean that you are an animated puppet, unable to control your limbs. That is not necessary.

It simply means: wherever you move, that is God’s perfect will for you at the moment.

Everything is done in Christ.

Life in Eden is not without mistakes.

It’s just that the human ‘mistakes’ are incorporated into the overall design, and serve to do nothing but improve its beauty.

Do you remember woodcarving? How the master would show the child how to hold the knife, how to cut slowly, whittling small pieces as a time, so as not to damage the wood or the fingers?

If any mistakes were made during the process, the woodcarver might point out the mistakes, and gently smooth them over with sandpaper. An extra cut here, a raised part here, all of it adds character. No chiding or correction is necessary; it’s not a big deal at all. God is kind.

Such is life in Eden.

Eden Theology

Life in Eden, Part 2: A New Creation in a New World

Photo by Jack Bassingthwaighte on Unsplash
Photo by Jack Bassingthwaighte on Unsplash

Before I get too much further in describing Eden, let me address theological issues.

(If you have a reason for disliking theology, please feel free to skip this chapter.)

First, some will demand at least one verse of Holy Scripture.

Here you go:

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation [in a new world]. Behold, the old is gone, the new has come!”*

You’ll find this verse in 2 Corinthians 5:17.

This verse, and Genesis 1-3 before the Fall, are the underpinnings of this entire book.

A definition of the word ‘Scripture’ is appropriate at this point. When I say Scripture and use the capital letter, it means, ‘The Holy Bible’, both New and Old Testaments, not any particular translation. (The Apocrypha do not enter into the equation at this point, for I am done with the Scripture-quoting part of this book.)

I realize at this point that I have lost a substantial portion of my readership. This is because I just made several controversial statements that really should not be controversial statements at all.

The ‘Body of Christ’, another high theological concept I will address in a moment, has made ‘mountains out of molehills’ in its treatment of Scripture. From the King James Only crowd (there goes another few readers) to the Inerrantists (yes, oh, large crowd, yes, please be quiet as you leave), for generations since the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ, Christians have argued over which Scriptures are canon (i.e. which were ‘God-breathed’) or not.

This is all complete nonsense.

I am rapidly losing steam for discussing theology. While mucking about in the puddles of theology is a popular activity in the Body of Christ, there is only so much splashing-around one can do barefoot before you’re called in for lunch (and, likely, a scolding for tracking mud on Mother’s kitchen floor).

The ‘Body of Christ’ (please be patient; I think it wise to keep my promise from earlier) is simply this:

Those whom Christ has called to be his own.

Note that here is another pickle: another controversial statement that should not be controversial at all. Let me extract myself by making another potentially-controversial statement:

We do not necessarily know who Christ has called to be His own, past, present, or future, or exactly what that means/portends for all of humanity.

There! As I have likely exhausted most of my theologically-inclined readership at this point by giving them too much meat to chew on (and, later, fight over), those who are now feeling dazed and slightly confused, if you would please follow me to the next chapter, where we will exit the thorns and thistles of theology and get back to the fun part:

exploring Eden together.