Authority Kingdom


Hypothetical situations are a blast, man.

I mean, just this morning, I led an army of unicorn soldiers to conquer the Candy Cane Kingdom. They installed me as their rightful Emperor and it was free candy for everyone, and we lived happily ever after.

blip! Back to reality.

So yeah, this morning, someone also engaged me in a hypothetical situation.

This one wasn’t so fun.

I mean, sure, playing ‘what if’ is a lot of fun, if you’re using those powers for good.

Both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Hitler used their ‘what if’ powers, and both changed the world irrevocably, one for good and the other for evil.

‘What if?’ is a powerful question, IF USED FOR GOOD.

When I was growing up, I played ‘Ghostbusters’ with my friends at least once. It was fun, and we had a blast. Sure, we nearly completely ripped off the plot to the first movie, but it was fun enough to keep us occupied during at least one recess period.

What happened when someone didn’t want to play a game you didn’t want to play?

You just said, ‘nah, I don’t want to play that game’ and worked it out from there.

The problem with hypothetical situations is that adults love to play the same games, too. They just won’t admit that it’s a game.

And adults (especially Christians, for some reason) love to play the game with an extra added element of, ‘What if God didn’t exist?’

I’ve been offered to play the ‘what if?’ game several times. It almost always plays out like this:

‘What if an attacker is holding your family captive with a knife/gun/pool noodle, and you don’t have a gun? What are you gonna do then, hotshot?’

I always say, ‘nah, I don’t want to play that game.’

Sorry. My Kingdom doesn’t work that way.

God doesn’t work on hypotheticals. Something is, or it isn’t.

We are kings. We declare a thing, and it happens.

If it doesn’t happen exactly according to our dictated plan, it’s not a huge deal, because God works through fallible people.

So what happens?

It ultimately works out, and it always turns out better than we anticipated.


If you are worried about this, or calling BS on me, it’s because you don’t understand authority.

It’s not a huge deal, most Christians don’t understand authority either. I’m fairly new to this thing, too. I’m learning. Spirit, and angelic protection, and good friends, are there to provide a ‘safety net’ while we learn to understand authority.

God’s not going to ask me to cast a zillion demons out of Africa tomorrow. I wouldn’t have the first clue what to do with that, and he knows that.

How much authority do we have in Christ?

Well, how much authority does Christ have?

‘You mean we have the same authority as Christ?’

Of course!

We are one with Him, are we not? Joint heirs? Co-seated with Him and in Him, on the throne of Heaven?

God’s words created everything, right?

We’re made in God’s image, yeah?

Jesus said ‘you are gods’, and did not take it back. Am I right, or am I right?

So, therefore, we create with our words too.

We frame up our world.

Here’s how it plays out, when we understand authority:

We declare what’s what, and if it doesn’t happen the way we declare it, God will send better friends to help, or angel armies, or mosquitoes with water guns, or anything else in all creation, to make it happen.

It all works out.

Every time.

At some point, we’ve got to stop playing the children’s games, and decide: am I really going to believe this stuff, or not?

Look: you can spin your wheels all you want. You are gods, you can distract yourself with entertainment or pointless arguments all day long.

I’m 41 years old. If I don’t do something now with my life, the sand in the hourglass, statistically speaking, is over halfway through (unless I figure out immortality, in which case, your great-great-grandkids are gonna have a riot of a time trying to argue me down).

I’ve been itching to be free from religious jail forever.

Now that I’m free, I just don’t have the time to play games.

You can play the ‘what if?’ game all you want. You’re the gods. You steer your own boats. Feel free.

Just don’t try to play those games with me. The Kingdom doesn’t work that way, and I don’t have any time to waste.