Kids are awesome, man.

It’s amazing watching them grow up, how they ‘bounce off’ other people, bump into things, make mistakes, say crazy things, get away with the wildest stunts (especially boys).

May you be a parent someday. (This is a declaration of blessing, not a command!)

May you be an aunt, an uncle, a friend with kids, an outside observer.

Kids are a joy, and at times, an irritation. (That last word may come off as ‘mean’, but it’s true.)

But kids are awesome.



Men have both ‘male’ and ‘female’ qualities, in various amounts and ratios, both because of emotional makeup and chemical processes.

It’s weird how that happens: yeah, we’re ‘male and female, made in the image of God,’ sometimes on the outside (through relationships and possibly marriage), but the same thing also happens inside.

It’s part of, again, being ‘made in his image’.

Parts of the Western Evangelical Church insist, sometimes dogmatically, that ‘God is male. God is a He. God is male. God is a He.’ Over and over and over, Jeez, give it a rest, people.

But like it or not, you’re going to run into the fact that God has feminine qualities, too: a wife, a mother, a trusted sister, a friend. Whether through direct experience, or through ‘Jesus with skin on’, our fellow humans’ , it happens.

And it’s all good. It’s how we were made, how we are shaped and formed.

We’re told by society, ‘you have to be a man’s man!’ Or a ‘soft man.’

It’s not either-or. It’s both, and probably more.

Men are weird, and funny, and very often irritating to others.

We can be shockingly blind and boar-headed at times.

We’re also bold, and courageous.

We build. We tinker. We innovate.

We protect. We defend. We stand up for the oppressed.

We focus, sometimes annoyingly so.

Sure, women do that too. Male and female inside. I get that. Believe me, I get it. I see it in my wife, I see it in other women. Like I said, various amounts, various ratios.

(You don’t have to keep pushing the ‘strong female character’, entertainers. Let up, already. Some of us get the point.)

But, yeah, both male and female inside. It’s not androgyny, it doesn’t make you ‘pussy-whipped’, to use the vulgar phrase, but like it or not, it’s just how we’re made.

‘And God said…that it was very good.’

And it is.