Scattershot Thoughts, 3/30/2016

photo-1458640904116-093b74971de9 (1)I couldn’t sleep without writing something, but I have been sick for the past couple days and really couldn’t think of anything today. Plus, there were a couple of excellent Donald Trump events (a rally and a town hall), and and I didn’t want to miss those. MSNBC did a town hall this evening too, but they chose a rapid-fire interrogator who wouldn’t let him speak, in an effort to collect sound bites for liberal consumption tomorrow. It was terribly unprofessional, but that’s what the extreme left MSM does.

Here are a few quick things:

  • The Wright Brothers, headed by Jacob Wright of Brazen Church, are releasing a new album soon, and the Kickstarter is up now. These guys make great, grace-filled music that is both catchy and doctrinally sound, which that it’s a win-win situation. Go listen to their first EP on Spotify and like them on Facebook.
  • Donald Trump did something a little different for his town hall event this morning: he gave an excellent short speech today on success. Skip to 13:56 and ignore the sound glitches; they straighten themselves out.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. It’s late, I’m sick, and I’m tired, but hopefully I’ll have a little more energy tomorrow to write something of substance.

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