How America Can Easily Screen Islamic ‘Refugees’


The problem with President Obama’s Syrian refugee plans is that there is no effective way to screen them. The FBI said that there isn’t any way to screen them for terror ties.

I came up with a way. You might not like it.


Technology already exists to measure emotional response for marketing purposes. Why not use this same technology for immigration screening purposes?

Mohammad-Contest-Drawing-1-smallAll you have to do is show the ‘refugee’ pictures such as:

  • Mocking images of Mohammed, such as the one to the right
  • Images of male and female couples in skimpy bathing suits, kissing
  • Images of gay/lesbian couples kissing
  • Christians going to church and praying
  • Jewish people getting married
  • Young children in swimsuits

…and observe how they act. Body language experts and experts in sociopathy and psychopathy would also be useful here. The mouth can lie, but the body doesn’t. Lying is allowed under the doctrine of taqiyya.

Before we proceed, I must take an aside and say that here, I am speaking of political Islam, not cultural or religious Islam. Middle Eastern culture is to be celebrated. Beheading unbelievers is not.

Islam is a cultural, religious and political system. Only the political system is of interest to kafirs (non-Muslims) since it determines how we are defined and treated. The Islamic political system is contained in the Koran, the Hadith (the traditions of Mohammed) and his biography, the Sira.

And now, to the list.

‘But surely,’ you say, ‘we should respect their religion and not show pictures mocking Mohammed!’

Why not? American culture has been mocking images of Jesus Christ for decades now. Piss Christ is possibly one of the most infamous examples of ‘art’ mocking Christianity. Christians didn’t attack the studios of the artist and murder eleven people, such as in the case of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. It appears that some attempts were made to destroy the work, but nobody died in the process. Christians don’t kill people who draw Jesus, whether it’s a flattering or unflattering portrayal. On the other hand, Muslims do.

If the emotional response to the image of Muhammed indicates that the person is feeling extreme anger, guess what? They may not have a sense of humor. A sense of humor is a sign of intelligence, and is also one of the most important tenets of Western culture. If the supposed refugee doesn’t have a sense of humor, they’re not going to fit in well in American society.

Images of males and females in skimpy bathing suits, kissing, are essential because Sharia proscribes that women be covered, to various degrees. In Germany, teenage girls are being advised not to wear short skirts in order to not offend Muslim refugees, and to hopefully prevent young females from getting raped. If a Muslim ‘refugee’ would have problems visiting our beaches, then that person should not be allowed on our shores.

Images of gay and lesbian couples kissing is pretty obvious, especially in the light of the recent massacre in Orlando. Islam has a history of violence towards homosexuals–Sharia law dictates that the punishment for homosexuality is death.

As a side note: While I myself, as a Christian, do not believe that homosexuality is a lifestyle conducive to long-term emotional and physical health of the individuals involved, or the children that the couple may adopt, I have never in my life thought of taking the life of anyone who was homosexual. I believe that traditional marriage between a man and the woman is the best way, and that the nuclear family is God’s ideal for humanity, but I don’t hold any spite towards homosexuals for their beliefs. I seek to understand them.

I’d like to think of myself as a reasonable person, and anyone asking to come into America under refugee status should be analyzed to see if they are a reasonable person.

Images of Christians and Jewish people are important because where Sharia law goes, death and destruction come to those who are not Muslims. Take a look at this very, very long list of attacks on Christians by Muslims since 2001 and you’ll see that Islam has a problem with Christianity. Islam and Judaism also don’t mix well, as a massive understatement.

In America, it’s possible for those of Muslim faith and Christian faith to work and play aside each other without murdering each other. Anyone who comes from a country where Sharia is law, however, has some mental re-training to do.

And finally, images of children in swimsuits. Islam has a pedophilia problem. Enough said.

Humans do not go from believing in Sharia law to successfully integrating into American society in one day. Potential refugees must undergo extensive education on American values and American culture before being accepted into the country. Disagree with our laws? You’re out. Sorry, Sharia is not acceptable here. Disagree with our culture? Sorry, you’ll need to find another country.

The United States must immediately stop importing individuals from countries where Sharia is law, until such a time as mechanisms like the above are put in place to detect whether an individual is psychologically capable of living a happy, productive life in American society.

Article edited to include the paragraph right after the list of photographs.

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