Christians and LGBT Community: Let’s Unite Against Our Common Enemy


In the the recent massacre in Orlando, the LGBT community has experienced a tragedy, such horror that has not been seen on American soil since 9/11.

As always, when homosexuals are involved, Christians (or those who claim to be Christians) express viewpoints ranging from the helpful to the unhelpful to the, pardon my language, bat-shit crazy.

Speaking for reasonable Christians, I am sorry for your loss and we are doing everything we can to comfort and help those in the gay community in Orlando who are suffering. I wish you all the best and will, personally, help you all I can.Perhaps a new understanding can be reached between the gay community and Christians. We seem to have found a common enemy to both of us: Sharia law, the Islamic theology that demands that homosexuals and Christians be put to death.

We’ve fought against each other for so long. You’ve won most of the culture battles. I’m sorry that our beliefs still seem backwards to you, but at least we don’t want to kill you.

Since we share this common interest, that of staying alive, how about we call a truce for now, and work together?

If not, well…please take care of yourselves. We’ll help you as much as we can, but please…arm yourself and team up with like-minded gays so we can prevent this from happening again.

As Christians, we care about you. We care about all Americans. We may still disagree on some important things, but I think in light of this attack, we now have something much more important to focus on: survival.

What do you think?

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