President Trump: The Winners and Losers

Perhaps someday I’ll be more nonpartisan, a little more detached during election seasons.

But not today.


This is a day for rejoicing, a day for singing happy songs, for many. But many are crying today:

  • The mass media: because they have been caught lying, loudly, and repeatedly. They have suddenly discovered that they have no friends and are wondering what to do now.
  • The Republican and Democratic establishments: for lying to the people and trying to get their same-ol’, same-ol’ milquetoast candidates and policies down the throats of Americans.
  • The Clinton camp, for its inexcusable moral failures in (at times literally) propping up a candidate who was utterly evil and despicable to the core.
  • Celebrities, because they’re isolated from reality in their little popularity bubbles, and though they may sometimes play intelligent characters on screen, many of them are stupid to the core.
  • Liberal progressives, because they have been attempting to destroy this country through unmaintainable, dumb ideas like open borders (suicide) and abortion on demand (genocide).
  • Liberal Christians, because they failed to listen to reason, to look for the important issues, to move beyond their little near-secular popularity cliques.
  • President Obama, who has worked to destroy the United States for eight long years, at times systematically, with Saul Alinsky tactics, but most often through virtue signaling, bumbling, and kissing the feet of Islamic hegemony.

Many groups lost big. But some won big, or should I say ‘big league’?

  • Non-liberal Christians. Repealing the Johnson Amendment can end religious persecution through the IRS. Stopping the Syrian ‘refugee’ program means less Sharia-observant individuals coming to the United States (people who have not made a commitment to blend into Western culture and thus not kill Christians).
  • Gays and lesbians. While I disagree with their lifestyle, I am also on the same side when it comes to importing Islamic ‘refugees’: if they come from Sharia-law-practicing countries, they want to kill both of us. So we have common ground there.
  • Middle class workers. Tax cuts have a huge impact. Keeping businesses here in the United States will keep jobs here. Stopping non-citizens from crossing the border will make minimum-wage jobs available to United States citizens.
  • The losers that I mentioned before–because by electing President Trump, we intend to Make America Great Again For Everybody.

Hey…Not Calling The Other Guy’s Choice ‘Satan’ Actually Might Work

Today’s song is Breathe (In The Air) by Pink Floyd, because it’s in my head, and now it’s in yours.

The folks over at Brazen Church have produced this worthy piece, which is similar to this bit I wrote awhile back–namely, that pastors shouldn’t declare to their sheep that one candidate is God’s Anointed. That inserts fake spirituality into the whole thing, which is unhealthy for everyone involved.

Unnecessary disclaimer: I’m partisan as hell. You’ll find me over there on Twitter every day, ripping on Hillary, progressive liberalism, cultural Marxism, globalism, feminism, Islamic terrorism, and anything else that is destroying Western civilization, killing Christians, or just straight pissing me off.

But there’s a line I don’t cross–I don’t tell you that Hillary is satan, or associated with satan, or filled with demons, and so forth. I don’t tell you that Trump walks with angels, that his glowing golden hair shines with Gabriel’s radiance, or any other such nonsense.

Why? Because they’re both human.

And no, you don’t get away with calling Gary Johnson or Jill Stein God’s Anointed either–just because someone is an alternate candidate does NOT mean they’re not human. And you still don’t get to call Bernie God’s anointed, either, because that doddering Communist wanted to destroy the country by Socialism and social justice, neither of which are Christian values. (Distributism and the original Catholic ideal of social justice are the way to go.)

photo-1465420961937-e0eba4dda519All of these potential leaders are human, and this is 21st-century American politics. The Bible has nothing to say about how we should vote, because in Biblical days, they pretty much didn’t get a vote. If you’re going Sola Scriptura, you’re going to come up with some pretty weird ideas because the President is not a king–the Founding Fathers made that explicitly clear–and this Republic is not his kingdom, no matter what the sitting President seems to believe.

Our Constitutional Republic was conceived based on Platonic ideals, the Mosaic Law, and other law systems, and composed by some very smart people who understood human nature pretty well and came up with some founding documents that formed a government that’s pretty hard to screw up. Granted, our government is phenomenally broken and has become an effective oligarchy, but the founding principles laid down back then have preserved this country for as long as some idea of Christian morality remained predominate. It was a pretty good run. Christians are going to decide what happens next.

I find political humor funny. Your mileage may vary. There are very few right-leaning political comic artists, but Ben Garrison more than makes up for the imbalance:


What do we see here? A timeless commentary by an experienced theologian? No, it’s a political cartoonist making a point: Hillary bends the knee before globalism, George Soros, and all sorts of evil interests. What better way to personify evil than the classic image of the Devil? There ya go. That image of satan is garbage theology, but it makes a good point.

Here’s another bit:

(image archive)

Was God involved in all the bad weather and utter chaos at the 2016 Democratic National Convention? Of course not. Weather happens. Humans have some part to play in taking care of the environment, but we still can’t predict the weather very well.

What about all the chaos there, the Left eating itself? That’s basically human nature. Throw in a bunch of overzealous Bernie fans with racist terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter, along with kooks from all over the wacky Left, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. That’s what happens when stupid mixes with stupid.

I’ve basically disconnected from Protestant and Charismatic churches, but I know full well that there are black pastors telling their congregations to vote for Hillary because she’s a Democrat, and white pastors telling people to vote for either Trump or anyone but Trump. They’re not supposed to, and it’s illegal, but you’ll see them doing it anyway.

Vote for whoever you want. I’m not going to say both sides are right, because they’re not. You’re a lunatic if you go along with Progressive Left thought–and sometime I’ll do an exposé on how the ideas of the Progressive Left are fully anti-Christian–but you have the right to be stupid if you want. You’re going to hear from me if you support Hillary, because I think you’re a moron who is voting to destroy the country–but it’s your right to be a moron. Smart people have a vote, idiots have a vote, and (apparently) dead people and illegals also have a vote.

Circling back: I am not saying that Trump is God’s candidate and Hillary is the devil’s. That’s wrong. I’m not going to tell you what God thinks, because I’m not an expert at hearing from God. I’ll tell you what I think, but you’re hearing from a lifelong Republican who’s still recovering from Charismania and a mental breakdown.

So: If you’re in spiritual leadership, don’t tell anybody what God’s choice is. It’s spiritual and emotional abuse, and you might be setting some of your flock, the ones who think for themselves, up to be abused, because you’re teaching them that their desires are evil, or that their family or friends are evil. That does not good whatsoever.

My pastor does it right–you won’t hear a peep from him on who he’s voting for. I can reasonably conjecture, based on his actions, who he’s voting for, but he doesn’t say anything from the pulpit and won’t answer when asked. That’s the way it should be.

Finding A Better Way: ‘Clear Thinking’ On The Election

photo-1454705337505-6568e503db44I had a Twitter conversation today that made me realize I was arguing from a point of weakness–where I didn’t have the upper hand. Since I wasn’t able to find a point of strength, I called off the verbal sparring match.

‘My candidate is bad, but your candidate is worse, and here’s why,” so far, has not led to any productive conversations. I learned a few things about my candidate that weren’t good–but I already voted for him in the primaries, and haven’t wavered from my support, for the most part. So anything good I hear about Trump already reinforces how I feel, and anything negative I hear about Trump, I typically chalk up to bad media coverage, of which there has been plenty. That’s my habit. Occasionally I’m surprised by a bit of journalism–actual effort into being impartial messengers of facts–even if it’s against my candidate. Such times are few and far between.

In other words, I am not operating from a position of reason or impartiality. So I’m looking for a better way.

I can’t say in good conscience, ‘Well, you have your candidate, and I have mine,’ because I don’t believe they are equally good. I believe Hillary Clinton would be devastating for the country–but I can trot out as many facts as I want, and they won’t convince someone who has already decided for Hillary (or not-Trump). Trump is a flawed candidate, but I still see him as the best bet for a variety of reasons, none of which will convince a Hillary voter.

What else is left? I can set up a sort of strawman argument about ‘the undecided voter’, but I don’t really believe that such a creature exists. Everyone loves to think of themselves as objective and rational. I think that’s a fantasy, and an unhealthy one, to boot. I’m leaning more towards Scott Adam’s assessment that ‘undecideds’ are simply Trump voters who don’t know it yet. Or, at least, I’m crossing my fingers.

So what can I do in this situation, as a believer and a Trump supporter, to legitimately add something of value to conversations? Trolling the trolls is a guilty pleasure of mine, but when I run into the occasional thoughtful soul, how can I help? Pretending to be nonpartisan or objective would be lying to you, and telling lies doesn’t help anyone.

What #Brexit Means For Freedom-Loving Americans

UntitledYesterday, the United Kingdom voted, by a 54% margin, to leave the European Union.

If you don’t know what that means, and you haven’t been paying attention, take some time to watch the following YouTube videos and you’ll understand why leaving the EU is the best possible decision that the UK could have made.

Those are long videos, so let me distill it down to one main point:

Brexit means that the UK can control its borders again.

The United Kingdom has been invaded by foreign intruders who are radically changing the culture of the country, bringing in increased crime, especially rape, and costing the taxpayers millions of pounds to support ‘refugees’ and ‘immigrants’ (many who are from other countries in the EU).

#Brexit soundly defeats the globalists, especially George Soros, who have stood for globalism against nationalism–the belief that citizens of a nation-state have the right to determine their own destiny.

What does this mean for the United States? Most likely it will inspire Americans to break free of globalist control ourselves. #Brexit gives me increased hope that on November 8, the United States will vote to free itself and elect Donald J. Trump, who promises to Make America Great Again. Despite the news has explained how his policies will do just that.

Watch his speech on national security:

United States freedom and sovereignty comes first. Yesterday’s vote shows that more than half of the UK believe the same of their country.

No country has ever prospered that failed to put its own interests first. Both our friends and enemies put their countries above ours and we, while being fair to them, must do the same. We will no longer surrender this country, or its people, to the false song of globalism. Under a Trump Administration, no American citizen will ever again feel that their needs come second to the citizens of foreign countries.

The UK has made huge strides towards standing up against the false song of globalism. Congratulations, friends. There is a long road ahead for you, but us patriots in the United States support you and will help as much as we can.

Strengthening Ourselves For The Coming Storm

photo-1444384851176-6e23071c6127Doomsayers have always been around, and I’m not about to join their crowd, but the Boy Scouts taught me to ‘Be Prepared’, so perhaps I can be a bit of help here.

I’ve been reading a few articles of late–here are a few, but there are more out there–about the possible upcoming collapse of society. This isn’t a new thing; I’m seeing more and more of this pessimistic (or realistic) idea that there is a coming storm. Donald Trump believes that we’re sitting on a larger financial bubble than the one of 2007-2008, and it would not surprise me. Eight years of Barack Obama, a corrupt, lying, incompetent, and inexperienced activist and Islamist sympathizer, has ruined the United States government, possibly beyond recovery. If the evil and hopelessly deranged globalist Hillary Clinton gets in office, the United States as we know it is likely done for. As much as I like Donald Trump, I’m not sure if having a decent individual in the White House is going to be enough to stop society’s decline.

As a Christian, I try to lean more towards optimism–I believe that ‘Christ in me, the hope of glory’ can overcome anything–but we can be ready if societal collapse happens.

Continue reading “Strengthening Ourselves For The Coming Storm”

How America Can Easily Screen Islamic ‘Refugees’


The problem with President Obama’s Syrian refugee plans is that there is no effective way to screen them. The FBI said that there isn’t any way to screen them for terror ties.

I came up with a way. You might not like it. Continue reading “How America Can Easily Screen Islamic ‘Refugees’”

Is Trump Inevitable?

photo-1432164245265-ab19a48c3d09I’ve been wrestling over this verse, Romans 13:1, for a few weeks, since a friend quoted it at me:

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.

That last bit, ‘instituted by God’, or ‘appointed’ in other translations, has made me think along the Christian lines of thought concerning free will: that God either makes things happen or allows things to happen. Personally I think the truth is not along those lines, that there is a three-dimensional or at least a two-dimensional component to it, like I illustrated a couple of posts ago.

Christianity does a good job of teaching certain lines of thinking, but most Christian leaders won’t teach you how to think. A thinking audience is not always a paying audience, and somehow the preachers have to keep making money.

What I don’t know here is if I am looking for an invisible guiding hand, steering this entire mass of humanity in one inevitable direction, because of conditioning. I suspect that there are deeper truths at play that are, at the moment, beyond my cognizance. Certainly I believe in mass delusion–I’ve been a part of several ‘prophetic movements’ and various ‘Charismania’ movements within the Church for so long that, after a long detoxification period, I can sense manipulation at work fairly easily now. But I’m not sure that Trump is all mass delusion. I think there’s more at work here than I know.

Does God appoint leaders? Does he allow them? I think there is truth around these ideas somewhere, but I’m not ready to conclude something once and for all and never think about it again. I think that this verse, ‘God appoints leaders’, is simply an ‘x’ on a map. The ‘x’ tells you how to dig, but it doesn’t tell you how to dig or what all you’ll find when you start digging, whether good or bad. I think it gives us a place to start.

I have the feeling that Trump will be President, just as I had a feeling that Obama would be President, and that thought, while it makes me happy this time (I enjoy Trump as a candidate and think he has the potential to make a good President), it also gives me pause. I wish I could have called Obama from the outset–if I’d known it back then, I could have made a killing as a pundit. But I had this vague feeling of dread in the back of my mind that would not go away, no matter how many times I trumpeted McCain’s praises. I knew that McCain wouldn’t win. I had that same feeling about Romney. I still voted for him, because voting for a Democrat and a progressive will always be a disgusting idea to me, but I had no confidence that he would win, at all.

Now it’s the year 2016, and we are counting down to the last handful of months before the November elections, and I have had this same feeling since January, when I noticed Trump strat emerging from the field. I’ve bucked the idea once or twice–I don’t agree with all of his stances–but for the most part, have very supportive of him, through thick and thin. It helps having a near-certainty, but it’s also a little painful, because I know very well that a president who looks good now might turn out to be a terrible one. For the record, I thought George W. Bush would be a great President, and he was, if you think ‘paragon of neoconservatism’ is the sole important criterion for choosing a President–but I hadn’t heard the terms ‘neoconservatism’ and the ‘American conservatism’ movement back then. Now I know why so many professed ‘Conservatives’ don’t actually hold conservative values, such as fiscal conservatism, and why ‘Conservatives’ are so fond of starting expensive, bloody wars in faraway places.

Will Trump make a good President? I think so. I hope so, because at this point I see him as the inevitable pick for President, and I am thinking that there are invisible forces, invisible factors, at work here–not ‘angels’ or ‘demons’ as we think of them, but certain elements of human divinity working together or working in opposition from each other. I believe that having the revelation of ‘Christ in me, the hope of glory’, of divinity living in humanity, will continue to take root in millions of Christians and bloom into an ever-increasing force in the earth, at a time where strong leadership has never been needed more. I don’t know if Trump is a Christian–he goes to church and says he is, and he’s not a Muslim sympathizer, so I have no reason to doubt his claim, even despite the fact that he says things that many Christians find offensive.

I see Trump as a Great Disruptor, a controversial force designed to shake humanity out of complacency into action, both the good and the evil sections of society, the moral and the immoral. I see him as someone deliberately put in place to wake up Christians–either as a ‘call to arms’ in the negative sense, or a ‘call to excellence’ in the positive sense. I’m pretty sure that this will turn out for good, but not to those with progressive and globalist mindsets. Progressive ideology, globalism, Islamism (not Islam itself, but the jihad mentality), and feminism are four of the invisible enemies that Christians face right now, but most of us are so desensitized, or so blind, that we can’t see it. We know both good and bad things are happening around us, but we can’t see why. That’s why we need a disruptor, to shake us and make us start thinking again.

If Trump does nothing else but make Christians think again, then he will have done something impressive and worthy of honor, whether he is a good President or not.