Scattershot Thoughts, 3/31/2016

Still sick, worse than I was. Meds are doing their thing, so here are a few things I thought worth sharing while I recover.

Item 1: Five reasons to vote for Donald Trump (YouTube video):

a. Trump is an entrepreneur. Doesn’t believe in splitting one ‘pie’; believes in building pizza shops for unlimited pies.

b. He’s anti-establishment. MSM hates him. Corrupt gov’t hates him. Lobbyists hate him.

c. He’s anti-immigration. (Disproportionate amount of illegals commit sex crimes in the US)

d. He’s anti-jihad. (26% of U.S. Muslims think suicide bombing is OK. Europe is bowing the knee to Muslims and paying for it.)

e. He’s anti-aggrievement (no whining). We have an oversensitive, PC culture that is making us soft.

Item 2: A certain ‘Christian’ magazine did an op-ed hit piece on Christians who would dare to vote for Donald Trump. I won’t link to it here, because I don’t want them to get the advertising money, but expect a response as soon as I can get out of bed.

Item 3. Donald Trump met with the GOP today. We don’t know why, but this could be good news. There is a good discussion thread about it here on Reddit.

That’s all I can think of. Time to pass out and hopefully I will feel somewhat better in the morning.

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