The Bible

The Bible

I had a love/hate relationship with the Bible for many years.

Of course, in the Western Evangelical Church, it’s hammered into you repeatedly, the lies: ‘You must read your Bible to please God.’

‘You must read your Bible to know God.’

‘You must read your Bible to get wisdom and direction for your life.’

None of these do any good, at all, without understanding and absorption into the heart…maybe not right away.

For many years, I listened to Scripture tapes to keep my mind off the mental and emotional torture that past circumstances and past abuse revisited upon my life, on a daily basis.

And it was a pleasant distraction at times, but it was also annoying and painful: listening, and listening, and listening, over and over.

Sometimes I understood what I was hearing: the metaphorical cartoon image of a lightbulb-over-the-head was turned on, and suddenly, it all made sense.

Most of the time, though, it seemed to bounce off: ‘what the hell does THAT mean, and why in the world would it be relevant?’

But give it time.

The Bible is a strange, magical book, full of ideas and images that somehow stick in the head.

Maybe they’ll remain hidden away, perhaps stored, perhaps slowly growing, perhaps slowly simmering, for years, however it needs to work in your life.

And when it happens, and it will happen, you will hear the Spirit nudge you from within or without, and say, ‘It has been said to you…but I say…’

…and it will suddenly click. And it will suddenly work. And it will suddenly change your life.

I don’t know how it works. Like I said, it’s basically magic. Spirit does it all. It’s always mysterious, and it likely always will be.

But it happens.

It happens.