Thoughts on Thought, Part 2

‘Evil’ thoughts…where do they come from?

There’s no one particular source.

‘From the desperately wicked heart!’ an Old Testament scholar might write. And they’d be correct. In a sense.

‘From demons!’ a Charismatic preacher might claim. And they’d be correct. In a different sense.

‘From other people!’ an occultist might say. And they, too, might also be right.

There’s no one particular source for the crazy, random, just-plain-bad stuff that pops into our heads from time to time.

Some unfortunate people latch onto these thoughts and think, ‘well, if I am thinking these bad thoughts, that must mean I’m a bad person!’ Right?


You’re not a bad person. You’re created in the image of God, forgiven and redeemed by Christ on the Cross, and made holy.

Your sins, whatever evil you’ve done or thought, has all been washed away. Sin, as a ruling entity over your life, was crucified with Christ 2,000 years ago.

It is finished.

Your thought life will become cleaner as you learn that those thoughts are not yours.

You have a new nature: righteous, perfect, and holy.

Where do the evil thoughts come from?

Who cares?

They’re not you. You’re the temple of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual fruit grows from healthy trees, and you are a healthy tree planted in good soil.

Value the good, holy, and pure thoughts. Learn to let go of those that are beneath your standing as a son or daughter of God.

Let them go. Breathe.

It’s going to be OK.