Overactive Sin Consciousness

We are the ‘righteousness of God in Christ’, (1 Cor. 5:21) which means that by virtue of being permanently united with Christ, we have perfect, unchangeable, right standing with God always.

That doesn’t mean that our mind always agrees, though. While renewing the mind, sometimes we discover that automatic thoughts come to our mind, an instant reminder of something we messed up. It doesn’t even have to be a sin, per se. Maybe it was just a mistake–you accidentally looked at someone funny, or stumbled over your words. Perfectionism attacks and sometimes it sounds like a voice. If we haven’t renewed our minds to understand God’s grace and love, we can think that that ‘voice’ keeping us in line is God.

It’s not.

The voice of the Holy Spirit doesn’t bug you about everything. He corrects, but his correction doesn’t come out of a heart of perfectionism. You are indeed perfect, objectively, in Christ! Your subjective experience, however, might not match what you think to be perfection. But that’s OK–it means you’re human, and God is an expert at relating to humans. He’s been doing that for a long time. Your performance, whether good or poor, is no surprise to Holy Spirit.

We can have a righteousness consciousness–the Holy Spirit reminding us that yes, we are perfect, holy, as righteous as Christ, and deeply loved. Or we can have a sin consciousness, bugging us every other moment with every little mistake. There’s a transition period when you’re renewing your mind where both ‘voices’ compete for your attention. I challenge you to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and to learn to overcome the ‘voice’ of the sin consciousness.

Learn to absorb God’s love in every area of your life. Did you do something that hurt someone? Apologize and make it right! I’m not saying sin doesn’t exist, but sometimes we can have such a hyperactive sin consciousness that we spend all day chasing our proverbial tails, apologizing to God for stuff we’ve apologized for. He keeps no record of wrongs! Learn to let go of your sin consciousness and embrace your God consciousness, and start today!